Amara's Direct Legal Representation Program

Amara exists to help our clients lead self-determined lives

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Amara exists to help our clients lead self-determined lives

Be a Part of the Solution

Serving nearly 200 clients annually, the Amara Legal Center is the only organization in the DC metropolitan area that provides free legal services exclusively to people whose rights have been violated through involvement in commercial sex.

Through direct legal representation, Amara's attorneys help clients with a broad range of concerns: obtaining legal protection from abusers, reunifying families, and sealing or expunging unjust criminal records that otherwise limit employment, education, and housing opportunities. Our attorneys are with our clients through every step of the process, ensuring that services rendered are tailored to the individual need of each client and recognizing that these individuals have endured intense trauma.

Amara also provides training opportunities for lawyers and social services organizations in the community. These training sessions teach service providers how to be aware of signs of trafficking, identify survivors, and how best to refer those survivors for support.

Expanding our view to the larger policy conversation, Amara advocates for policies and laws that help stop unjust prosecution of victims. We also lead awareness campaigns with an aim to prevent trafficking.

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