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For an individual whose rights have been violated through involvement in commercial sex, access to a lawyer can make all the difference – the difference between imprisonment and freedom, between keeping a family together and losing custody, between staying safe and living in fear.

Serving over 150 clients annually, the Amara Legal Center is the only organization in DC that provides free legal services exclusively to people whose rights have been violated through involvement in commercial sex.

Through direct legal representation, Amara helps clients obtain legal protection from abusers, reunite with their children, and seal unjust criminal records that would otherwise limit their opportunities for employment, higher education, and housing. Staff attorneys oversee the entire process, tailoring services to meet the unique needs of individuals who have endured extreme trauma. Regular trainings for lawyers and social services organizations expand the community's ability to identify survivors and refer them for support.

Meanwhile, Amara's policy advocacy helps stop unjust prosecution of victims, and its awareness campaigns help prevent trafficking before it starts. Here, your support restores justice…and hope.

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