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Pathways to Justice

What does justice mean to you? What does justice mean for Amara clients?

The Amara Legal Center provides free trauma-informed legal representation, access to support services, and advocacy for a more equitable legal system for individuals impacted by sex trafficking or involved in sex work in the DC-metro area.

At Amara, we have the privilege to work with clients on their pathways to justice. For some clients, justice means obtaining a civil protection order against their trafficker or regaining custody of their children. For other clients, justice means speaking their truth as they face their abuser in court and share their testimony with the judge and jury. Justice means something different for each client who walks through our door. Amara is committed to a client-centered approach where our clients’ goals and our clients’ voices are the first priority. We invite you to join us on our 2024 Pathways to Justice campaign as we walk alongside our clients in their challenges, their triumphs, and their journeys.

In 2023, Amara attorneys provided free legal services in over 150 cases, including family law cases, civil protection orders, criminal record relief, and more. All of Amara’s services are provided free of charge so that clients can focus on their legal matters without worrying about affording an attorney. To support our continued free legal services, we invite you to donate to our 2024 Pathways to Justice Campaign.

Thank you for your continued support! To learn more about Amara and our services, please visit our website here.

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